Startup Bootcamp Articles

Below are a series of short blog articles to go over some of the most common questions that founders, startups, and new business have:

Founders & Startup 101:

Forms of Equity-  Covers exactly what is “equity” and what are the types of equity with some commonly used terms.

Forms and Sources of Funding-  Brief explanation of the common types of funding for new companies and where most startups look for these initial or growth capital raises.

Finder’s Fees- A look at the common problem of how do we compensate someone who wants to bring in investors?

Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)-  An overview of what a PPM is, how it is put together, and why you need it.

Capitalization, Cap Tables, & Initial Accounting-  An overview of what capitalization is, what a cap table is and how to prepare one, and some of the initial accounting concerns with initial issuances of stock.

Internet & Tech Company Intellectual Property Protection-  An overview of the forms of legal protection for the tech company’s most valuable asset (next to their team), their intellectual property (IP).

Executive & New Employee Compensation Issues-  Overview of the problems related to paying new employees or recruiting people and how to deal with things like stock options, equity grants, and salary.

Valuation-  How do you value a startup?  A look at common methods used to value a company, its stock, and options and comparisons with US GAAP accounting values.

Term Sheets-  What are they and how do I deal with them?

Exits-  What are the common forms?  M&A, IPO, Reverse Merger

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