How do you choose your domain name, what is most important in the selection process?

Chris Barsness,

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You also need to think about business or product name issues that come
into play with trademark rights.  Just because the domain name may be
available doesn’t mean you couldn’t run into problems with someone
having rights over part or all of that name.

For example, if
you register to market different tissues or
something to use instead of tissues or sell to a company that may want
to do that, you could probably get that name, but it would really have
little value.  The Kleenex brand is protected by a filed trademark and
whoever uses it to make money would likely face a trademark infringement
lawsuit.  Also if you come up with what you think is a unique company
name, someone may have already filed for a trademark for that particular
name even if they aren’t using the domain name you are looking into.

In the US, a trademark attorney can do a thorough search
to see if there are any possible infringement problems.  You can also do
a simple search yourself through the US Patent and Trademark Office at; however, only a full search by an experienced person will
reveal all possible problems.  If you are dealing with a geo area or other common or generic name (e.g. California, west coast, tissue, book), you probably won’t have to worry about this.

Disclaimer-  I am not a trademark attorney, so this is only a basic overview of possible issues.

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